Disaster Management Community


Disaster Management Community : Every year India has to face many natural disaster like droughts, cyclones, floods and earthquakes. Poor people, especially women and children, are more vulnerable to these disasters. CCBOS will make a community for disaster preparedness and mitigation with security of livelihoods for vulnerable communities. Strengthening skills and capacities for disaster preparedness and response at various levels by working with communities, local NGOs, local administration, state and national government donors. The community start a programme who maps disasters on an ongoing basis. Providing immediate relief to people affected by natural and man-made disaster. Networks with organizations with similar mandates to respond to emergencies in a coordinated manner. Supports community –based disaster preparedness work. Ensures gender is mainstreamed in all aspects of disaster preparedness and response. Builds capacities of civil society organization and the govt. for disaster preparedness and response. Influences policies and practices on disaster preparedness and disaster response. Advocates international standards of quality for humanitarian aid. Our environmentalist will closely watch for implementation of that programme at district level by approaching the local NGOs and SHGs for effective monitoring and evaluation process.

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