Water & Sanitation Community

Water & Sanitation Community : Water supply and sanitation were our national agenda, but the condition of water supply and sanitation is worse. CCBOS will make a community for water & sanitation. This community will providing regional schemes from alternative sources by extending new pipelines. This community will start new scheme for habitations served by outlived scheme. This community aware people for Rain Harvesting System. It conjunctive use of ground and surface water as a means of improving the sustainability of drinking water. CCBOS work for tapping external assistance for restoration of tanks and other water bodies along with rainwater harvesting for quality affected habitations. This community monitoring the water supply works as a mandatory condition for release of funds for completed works. CCBOS bring women ahead. Women SHGs can be encouraged for collection of maintenance funds and taking up O&M of water supply system. CCBOS focus on creating awareness on the importance of sanitation and look beyond the current just preventing open defecation norm. Decentralized solid and liquid waste management system as a business models needs to be developed. CCBOS will start campaign for special needs of women, adolescents , girls, disabled and the aged person. For developing a robust MIS on urban water supply and sanitation. Trained human resources will be a must for the implementation of programmes and organizations. CCBOS will ensure active participation of Local NGOs and ward level committee for maintenance of water & sanitation services covering each part of city.

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