Budget and Governance Accountability Community

CCBOS is aware about the accountability of Union Budget from the prospective of Social exclusion groups and with an aim to promote the direct participation of people in the making and implementation of the Union Budget. CCBOS is also responsible for facilitating the ‘People Budget Initiative’ which is a network of civil society/VOs organizations working to build awareness and public participation in the national and state budget processes.

The CCBOS also works closely with a range of academic institutions and provides ongoing policy inputs to several government institutions. Social monitoring is based network of civil society organizations, citizens and communities to build a process of monitoring governance towards professed goals of social development, particularly with respect to the marginalized sections of our country. As an attempt to check rhetoric against the real, it tries to monitor the institutions of governance and their commitment towards citizens and principles of democracy. The innovative approach of the Social monitoring process is unique in terms of looking at the functioning and efficiency of the key institutions of governance-executive (in terms of policy and practices), the judiciary, the legislative (represented by the parliament), and the institution of local self-governance.

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