HIV/AIDS Community

  • CCBOS, AHF Foundation (US) and Freedom Foundation, Indian Peoples Alliance for Combating HIV /AIDS start a programme for HIV/ AIDS. CCBOS in collaborate with IPACHA renowned for its delivery of high quality treatment and support services and successfully campaign for affordable ARVs, availability of government-funded second line treatment. CCBOS with IPACH expanded its reach to all over India to strengthen Positive Networks and provide comprehensive HIV services for sex workers. We are also exploring the new rearch and development activities in naturalopathy and Ayurveda (Natural Herbal Medicine)
  • The objective of CCBOS is to build and strengthen a national Alliance which will serve as a platform for various stakeholders working on the issue of HIV and AIDS, TB, Malaria to come together to advocate for the right of PLHIV and ensure effective C.C. Response to HIV.
  • HIV / AIDS has been spreading its tentacles in the country thereby threatening to dislocate lives of the common people, some of them becoming victims unknowingly. IPACHA and CCBOS feels that HIV & AIDS poses political, economic, human rights and governance challenge in the region. The main aim of this alliance was to facilitate and support – democratic-social and political mobilizations locally, nationally and internationally, thereby address issues related to the causes and consequences of HIV & AIDS.
  • On 23 Feb. 2008 CCBOS and CATA delegates meets Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to urged him to help improve access to medical care and treatment for HIV & AIDS, including increasing access to both first and second-line lifesaving antiretroviral treatment in India. The CCBOS and CATA delegates also presented 10,000 plus letters of CCBO’s members and well-wishers from all over the country for improved treatment access in India.

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