International Youth Affairs Community

Youth constitute nearly 40% of India’s population. It is therefore, necessary not only to make this vibrant and strong resource of the country beneficiaries of, but also valuable partners in the process of our planning and development. In order that young men and women are able to contribute towards national development in a significant way, it is important that they should be able to effectively participate in the process of decision-making. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has recently announced a National Youth Policy for the youth of the country so as to keep pace with the fast changing socio-economic scenario and also to address the emerging concerns of the youth. CCBOS community set up to recommend to the Govt., measures to tackle effectively the problems faced by the youth of India, with particular focus on youth unemployment. Two new schemes viz Financial Assistance for the Development and Empowerment of Adolescents and Scheme for Establishment of National/State Youth Centers are proposed to be implemented during the 12th Plan.

CCBOS make a community who monitoring the all govt. youth affairs schemes. The terms of reference of the community are as follows;-

• To construct and recommend an action oriented strategy and approach for the development of youth and suggest new policy measures and programmes, which are multi-dimensional and cross-cutting, after an in-depth analysis of the problems faced by them, with particular reference to the problem of youth unemployment, suggesting measures to identify, encourage and build up the capacity of talented youth I the North-Eastern region.

• To review existing youth related schemes and programmes implemented by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports as well as by other Ministries/Departments of the Government of India with particular reference to their potential for employment generation and to recommend measures to make them more effective and increase their outreach and coverage in line with Government thinking to cover the entire youth population with one or the other Youth Programmes such as NCC and NSS.

• To conceptualize a frame-work for coordination of youth related activities of State Govt., Ministries/Dept. of Govt. of India, NGOs and the private sector and to recommend measures for convergence.

• To look into the recommendations of the Working Group on Adolescents set up by the Planning Commission and suggest specific intervention strategies for catering to the needs of this group.

• To suggest measures for the implementation of the Plan of Action of the new National Youth Policy.

• While framing its recommendations, the Commission shall be guided by a realistic assessment of the resources that can be made available by the Government.

• To facilitated the Youth Exchange Programme by organizing the National Integration Camps and Seminars in different part of the country.

We are Working in consonance with the aims of the 12th five year plan which are oriented towards inhensing capacity for growth of Indian economy generating work and carrier growth avenues for the youth.

Our in endeavor is also in association with legendry institutions like Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prsark Mandals ,establish in 1914,In the spheres of sports personage ,travels school and engineering colleges in order to improved physical, mental, moral, academic and social development of children and youth so that they contribute there enterprise to the national future.

The Youth Community Of CCBOS is working with Various Sports associations like the The Football Link, as an NGO initiative to peculate the corporate patronage benefits to the unexplored and underprivileged sports talents, with corporate tournaments and exposure to the global association for youth exchange programme.

In our initiative to prompt international youth exchange to internships ,we are working with worlds leading students organizations’ like AIESEC to enable students to live and work in abroad to gather experience.

Today’s India Needs employment generators not employment seekers .We are working The Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust to promote entrepreneurship among the youth.

• To organize International Youth Exchange Programme with the assistance of Ministry of Culture, Foreign Affairs and concerning embassies to increase the youth leadership development, art & cultural relationship, peace and communal harmony, war against terrorism.

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