Minority Empowerment Community

Indian minorities and particularly the largest among them, the Muslims, who have been historically disadvantaged and vulnerable in spite of the Constitutional safeguards, continue to live in poverty and backwardness. Though there has been talk about welfare of minorities at different times since independence very little political towards really addressing the situation. Poor among the Muslims could not avail the opportunities in education, employment and economic activities because of isolation and various historical factor. Sachar Committee have highlighted the fact of socio-economic exclusion and also about living under fear and insecurity.

CCBOS make a community which opening more branches, priority sector lending, transparency, creating awareness, micro-finance, entrepreneurship development training (EDP), and enhancing authorized share capital of NMDFC. The access to education was sought to be improved through opening of girls’ only schools, emphasis on school education, literacy campaign, improving enrolment, study centers, teacher’s training girls’ hostels, madarsa modernization, madarsa equivalent, text books, promotion of Urdu language, CCBOS work on it. The Community would be taken care towards representation of minorities in selection committee. The community give training for sensitization of government officials, civil rights centers, posting of Muslims in such places would attempt to address the sensitization of the mindsets. A multi-media be undertaken to sensitize the public by the community.

There is relatively very little civil society engagement with the minorities, Particularly Muslims. The different community largely works with the dalits, adivasis, women etc but not so much with minorities, particularly Muslims. It is left to religious groups to work with them. CCBOS work for minorities , specially for Muslims. For poor Muslim people we are working to given them in the OBC category we are working with National Commission for backward class. There is also need to create a conducive climate for citizens, both women and men, to be able to approach the authorities without fear of rejection and discrimination, CCBOS work in this connection. Special efforts will be made by the community to alleviate the plight of the dalits and backward within the minorities and the women. The community will monitor the program’s progress and implementation, started by the government. The community will be informed about the steps taken to make programs work and the change it has brought about in the living conditions of minority communities. The community start demonstrate action plan of implementation the progress of which should be regularly shared with the public. The community laid out scheme aware them for education, financial assistance, marketing support assistance capacity building etc in the 90 MCDs as well as each state. The community made a aware of the findings of the Sachar Committee, the PMs New 15 point program, the constitutional obligations etc.

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