Women Empowerment Community

Women play a vary important role in Indian politics. Our President and Lok Sabha speaker is also women. Besides many big leader are women. The 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act introduced a new phase in the life of local government institution in India. In many states women are presently engaging with the third generation elections, and have continued to increase their participation beyond the minimum 33.3% stipulated by the constitution. The process has been as well characterized by passionate discussion, arguments, questions, doubts, hopes, expectations around women’s participation in local governance. And this continues even now as the women themselves continue with their struggles to be visible and to get heard.

But the Situation is as not like as it seen. Women could not participate in governance as she should do. Government start many plans for women every year but it can’t reach to them. 73 and 74 amendment give power to women. 29 subjects are given to Panchayati Raj Institute but there is no follow up on them. Stats are not transfer power to them. If these are given to women, they became powerful.

For 33% reservation In Indian State Assembly and Parliament women have to wait long time. Confederation of Community Based Organization of India is a civil society based organization who work for women and raise the social issue about women. Late Km. Nirmala Desh Pandey is a founder pattern of this organization who increased us. CCBOS respect of women leaders. We took oath on Rani Laxmi Bai’s tomb to initiate to work for grass-root level people and women. CCBOS make a women empowerment community which views through a gender perspective all work undertaken by the organization and its partners. This community generates public awareness and debate on violence against women at home and at the workplace. It provides shelter, legal aid, medical aid and counseling to victims of violence. This community start supports training and gender sensitization of authorities dealing directly with violence against women. This community advocate for legislation to safeguard women from domestic violence.

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