Work and Employment Community

Addressing the problem of unemployment is critical to reducing social inequality. Resolving the problem pertains to addressing problems of poverty and inequalities. The magnitude of unemployment has not come down even after over six decades of planned attempts to address the problem. The Eleventh Five Year plan too does not promise to show an end to the tunnel. Any appraisal of the performance of the plans in India must recognize that Indian planning is basically indicative planning in an open door market economy with a large, informal and black economy and a social framework that respects many primordial linkages and mutual/reciprocal relationships. Thus, the plans make medium term economy-wide projections and supplement them with other projections, called targets. GDP growth has been relied upon as the main instrument to generate additional employment.

NREGA : This programme is a afforded choice to poor, many more than 15 crore people would have availed of it and that too for close to 100 days they are currently entitled to rather than the current national average of about 15 days. If one were to take note of the regional variations in accessing it, the situation in many areas would hardly be any different from what it used to be under various discretionary partial coverage scheme.

CCBOS make a community for work and employment.

Our community will put pressure on Govt. to start this programme in City also. 100 days is not enough so our community urge govt. to increase to 150 days. It should be combined with the civil societies . But there is a big problems for making NAREGA come fully alive first it deliver to every adult of every rural household at her or his doorstep a job card that is the passport or any entry ticket to any actual works programme CCBOS community will co-ordinate with the forthcoming census operations. Make wage payment a function of the days and time spent on work during the specified working ours. Our community trying that NREGA administration has to hire and/or organize on voluntary basis groups with varied expertise in identifying and preparing development projects and to give concrete project shape to development of ideas of the local people and panchayats on the basis of studies of the local regional situation/development and employment potential and prepare a shelf of such project with as much details as possible. These projects have to be explained to the local community and they are to be encouraged to make suggestions based on their own felt needs. However, the choice of works should be taken up ultimately with the local community. The Plan is not exclusively in terms of growth acceleration. The emphasis of restoring growth may lead to a situation in which higher production may be obtained by economizing on labour. The usual impact is that the unemployment rate continues to rise even as output recovers. The more sticky and serious is the problem of those who never had any access to any regular wage employment and their survival or coping strategies are treated as informal employment. It is also serious that planners take credit for success of these coping strategies; they see it as a part of the plan’s achievements.

The core condition for good employment that is a level of reward for work that is consistent with a minimum of human needs, remains sidelined and the beneficiaries of so-called anti-poverty programmes . Even more serious is the inability to equip crores of children for any gainful and productive work by education and training, either formal or informal.

CCBOS Community will aware the people for this scheme and trying that this scheme can start in city also so the poor slum areas people also can took benefits of it and tell the govt. of its minus point to make this programme successful in all over country.

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