To ensure that the voices raised by CCBOS and concerns shown by them on various issues are duly considered by the policy makers as well as legislators.

To be proactive on policy initiatives that are in consonance with our mission to strengthen the network of members organizations/people groups/CVOs/VOs/ NGOs/non-profit organizations at national and international levels.

To develop itself as a learning organization, which can look after the development needs of its members in a best possible manner.

To take initiatives for the development of information technology which can serve as a boon for community development.


Its main objective is to help the Central Government as well as State Governments in implementation of their projects and programmes. While looking after socio-economic development of different communities, it will make them aware of their fundamental rights. It will also take appropriate steps to increase literacy, and remove poverty by undertaking various income generating projects for different communities . The prime vision of CCBOS India is to provide basic facilities to the poor, illiterate, destitute children, women and people living under below poverty line without any discriminatory policy. CCBOS of India has taken up many projects through various NGOs who are really dedicated in their efforts. It is generally seen that many NGOs are not able to utilize the funds received from government departments in a proper manner. So, CCBOS of India has to look after the activities of such NGOs so that, they do not become black listed and the available fund with them is properly utilized. To fulfill its mission CCBOS of India has experienced members from different streams who are passionately committed to nation-building. Due to good economic policies of the present UPA

Government, the country has developed a sound infrastructure and the economy is in good shape. CCBOS of India has the requisite expertise to act as an effective catalyst here by undertaking many projects and programmes of the Government which are geared to bridge te socio-economic disparities in the country.

In the wake of increasing population, it is not a very easy task to provide employment and other facilities to the people by the government alone. So, the CCBOS have to play an important role in solving the problems and helping the government in different fields of activities like self employment, income generating programmes etc. Our vision is to put in hard work and provide a strong support mechanism so that our country is able to march along with other advanced countries. We the CCBOS India have tied up with many public as well private sector units of our country and abroad and with their help we are trying to achieve our targets. In accordance with our objectives, it is indeed heartening to note that our members are working very sincerely.

The present government has struck a deal with USA for nuclear power which will solve the power shortage of the country and it will help the industry and railway sectors immensely. Small, medium and large scale industries will not be facing power shortage problem. Railway industry will be immensely benefitted and the villages will have the basic power facilities which are very much essential for a country like India.

We have to do much more for development of poor, orphan, street, (Destitute Children) children who are seen everywhere after 60 years of Indian independence which is indeed very shameful . So, we should work for their proper rehabilitation, and provide them basic facilities of education, food and health care etc so that no tourist will look at them with despair. We can see many beggars and children begging at the railway platforms and bus stations as well as in the markets and even in religious places. So, these people should be helped and schools or rehabilitation centers should be opened for them. In our country especially in North East, Kashmir and South India we have serious problems of insurgency. Though the terrorists are fighting with the government for their self existence and sovereignty ,but still this is totally undemocratic and not a legal way of solving problems. We the CCBOS of India have to do much research and analysis so as to find the solution to this problem. Without solving this insurgency problem our country can not develop and march ahead though we are endowed with vital resources like minerals, agricultural land and manpower which are important for country’s development.. We have to bring the insurgents into the mainstream of development by utilising their capabilities in different fields of activities, so that

they will live a peaceful life instead of the tortured, fearful and hard life which they are accustomed to.

Another important plank of CCBOS of India’s vision is to ensure that Rural Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance etc operate at a very low and nominal rate of premium. We have some plans on insurance policies like a BPL policy holder will pay Rs. 15/- per annum and CCBOS of India will arrange Rs. 200/- from the concerned government department and the policy holder will get the policy for health, accident etc.Through this, people below poverty line will be benefitted and this will be an important anti-poverty measure.. Otherwise, we have seen that the insurance companies or their agents charge large amount of premium for an insurance policy which is not at all affordable for the rural poor. So, CCBOS of India has made it possible for the poor people of our country to at least avail the facility of this BPL policy insurance.

No doubt, CCBOS of India is interested to help its members who genuinely want to work at the grass root level for helping the poor people so that they live a better life. We want to act as an effective partner with the government for its various projects and programmes. Then only we believe that that we can contribute to our country’s march to prosperity.