Guiding Spirit

Guiding Spirit and Mandate for CCBOS

The CCBO’s of Chhattisgarh and nearby states have participated in the programme during the Anniversary of the Quit India Movement on 8th August,2006. The programme was addressed by His Excellency Lt. General (Retd.) K.M. Seth Hon’ble Governor Chhattisgarh. The programme was conducted at Hotel Baby Lawn, Raipur. This address has remained the Guiding Spirit for the grass-root level CCBOS in their endeavour towards helping the poor particularly those in the most backward regions of the country.

The Raipur Declaration containing only one specific points programme adopted on 8th August. 2006 , constitutes the broad mandate for CCBO to pursue their activities in different directions for the service of the poor.

North East India including Sikkim and seven sisters are always being neglected by the earlier governments. But, the present UPA Government has given many packages for the development of North East Region of India. So, the people of North East Region have much hope from the UPA Government. However, the problem of extremism has affected the pace of development in the region. The Central Government with the help of NGOs has to play an important role to play in the development of the region. CCBOS of India also has to play an important role and utilize its manpower as well as sources so that the region will not only develop but also the extremist problem will be solved with immediate effect.

Most of the seminars held by the Central Government of India are tied up with CCBOS of India .Every member NGO can send or propose one person to any training Programme scheduled by the National, State or District chapter and the expenditure of the same for the participating person will be arranged by the CCBOS of India from the concerned authority. So, all the members of CCBOS will be experts in their respective fields through exposure to these seminars and workshops organized from time to time.

Another important feature of the programmes of CCBOS of India is to arrangefunds from World Bank, SIDBI, NRI donors for the needy and hard working NGOs who really want to work at the grass root level for the socio- economic development of various communities. We have tied up with insurance companies for rural insurance to help persons below poverty line which will help

an NGO to establish itself in the society. In that way also an NGO can help the government by providing services to the poor and minority communities. CCBOS of India is dedicated to socio-economic welfare of the communities of different caste, creed and religion