To serve as a platform to provide critical inputs through the institutional and knowledge gap between grassroots practice and policy environment on major issues concerning rural economy.

To promote development of rural India in the global context in all its dimensions agriculture, processing, manufacturing and service sectors by facilitating capacity building at all levels and promotion of leading edge technologies in all such sectors.

To interact closely with the various ministries of Central and State Governments and other funding organizations at the National and International level for implementation of projects and activities covering different target groups.

To assist and guide the members in obtaining financial and technical assistance for rural development programes from the Central and State Government(s), Governmental Organizations, Corporate Sector, Foreign Funding Organizations, NRIs and other specialized bilateral, regional, international and multilateral Institutions such as World Bank, UNDP, Asian Development Bank etc.

To act as a channelizing and monitoring platform for effective implementation of the programmes spread over wide geographical areas or programmes involving multitude of disciplines.

To undertake capacity and quality appraisals of the constituent member-CCBOS carry out performance reviews and help them in capacity building and performance enhancement so that they contribute their best for the development of rural India.

To organize and conduct promotional training programmes to equip CCBOS member organisations and the Self Help Groups towards capacity building, enhancement of their expertise in different directions, particularly in new technology initiatives, productive enterprises, availing of Bank Finance for viable projects, income generation activities and provide linkage marketing of their products and also in social sectors covering education, health, environment, forest and natural resource development and management.

To mobilize at the time of natural calamities necessary support and inputs and undertake and participate in disaster management and rehabilitation activities.

To assist in the emergence of a dynamic and vibrant class of rural people assisted by the constituent CCBOS aimed at advancement of different beneficiary groups.

To drive home the message that the task of CCBOS does not stop at the stage of right to Information only, but also extends to Right to Involvement, implement and monitor the programmes of benefit to people at the grass root level.