Block Committee

Various committee

1.National Executive Council : It has to form state Chapters and entrust them to form Regional Committees who will look after the works and development of their own region through the guidance and vigilance of the National Committee. North East, East, Northern, Southern, Central, and Western Region in different Regional Head Quarters. They will look after the 11th 5 year plan’s activities and attend various meeting and seminars organized by CCBOs and its partners at CCBO’s expenditures.

2. State Committee : State Committee has to form various District Committees with 20 to 100 NGOs. This committee will collect Membership Fees and Annual Fees from the various committees. Expenditure will be reambersement made by all regional & state level committees. Fund will be directly deposit into National Bank Account of CCBOs Delhi Head Office not any regional and state committee account. Not any fund directly collect from members organization or state department without the permission of Nation body clearance.

3. District Committee : District Committee has to form various Block Level Committees with 10 to 25 blocks. This committee will collect Membership Fees and Annual Fees from the various committees and forwarded to nation committee.

4. Block Level Committee : Block Level Committee has to form various Village Level Committees with 5 to 20 NGOs. This committee will collect Membership Fees and Annual Fees from the various committees.

5. Village level Committee : To support the common man realize the benefits of 73rd Amendment Act, Village Level Committee has to be formed with 5 to 20 Self Help Groups and Local Panchayat Representatives. This committee will collect Membership Fees and Annual Fees to be deposited into CCBOS National account operated by itself Executive council members to support local groups for maintenance, Administration, formation and growth of various committees up to grass root level. They will make proposals and send to National committee through the District Level Committee for sanction and proper implementation through Block level, Village Level Committee and Self Help Group. So that each and every family of the village get benefit of CCBOs Schemes and utilize it properly under the vigilance and guidance of upper committee.

SHG will arrange awareness camp and seminars in the villages and make people aware of Central as well as state government’s programs.

A. Women and Child welfare in the rural areas and government seminars arranged by the concerned authorities. The women and child trafficking will be stop by local

B. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, Indian Child Protection Act, Consumers Protection Act., Right to information, Agricultural program, Education, health & Sanitation etc. in rural and grass-root areas.

C. Health insurance, micro insurance at nominal cost by Oriental Insurance Company as per present MOU.

D. Micro finance to help micro-enterprises and marketing plans for their success.

E. We are exploring the market of local made products made by local self help group, handicrafts and cartage industries/khadi & village industries linkage to national and global market.