State Committee

About State Chapters

Tasks and Responsibilities of State Chapter of CCBOS Provide dynamic and sustained leadership to the member CCBOS of CCBOS all over the State and motivate, guide and in spite them by periodical visits to different districts and participate in their programmes and activities.

Organize minimum two to three meetings in a year of the Executive Committee of the State chapter and involve all the districts in all the decision making processes and ensure their full cooperation in the administrative and financial management of the affairs of the State Chapter. Adherence to procedures, accountability to its members and transparency in all its dealings should be the hallmarks of the functioning of the State Chapters vis-a-vis their members.

Focus upon themes and subjects of immediate relevance to the member CCBOs and organize seminars and workshops at the State

Headquarters/Divisional Headquarters, usually preceding the routine meeting of State level Executive Committee.

Hold regular meetings with NABARD, SIDBI, Commercial banks and Organizations like LIC, PSU Insurance Companies for mobilizing resources for CCBOS/SHGs for their various activities and exchange notes with them in the service of the member of CCBOS

Work out a mechanism by which the legitimate problems and difficulties of member CCBOS are brought to the District/State level authorities as well as the Panchayat Raj Institutions. The objective should be to demonstrate through such efforts that the problems could be sorted out and CCBOS makes genuine efforts to render the expected services to its members.

Implement the HRD programmes for the benefit of CCBOS by establishing the State level CCBOS Training Academy/Centers and make the training programmes relevant and fruitful to the member-CCBOS

Do everything within its powers and resources to realize the objectives of CCBOS in the service of its members within the framework of the broad guidelines brought out by the National Secretariat.