CCBOS Membership

One can become member of one of the committee of CCBOS various committees are as follows:

1. National Executive Council

2. Regional Committee

3. Zonal Committee

4. State Committee

5. District Committee

6. Block Level Committee

7. Village level Committee

8. National Administrative Board

All level committees must have following executive members in their committee.

a. Chairman

b. Vice Chairman

c. Secretary General

d. Asstt. Secretary General

e. Finance Secretary

f. Asstt. Treasurer

g. Executive Members & Associates Members 1 to 19 (maximum)

Application forms may be downloaded from here.

The Annual fee for membership is as follows.

1. Life/ Executive Member Rs. 5000/- one time (with voting power)
Annual Fee Rs. 1000/- Yearly

2. Associate Members Rs. 5000/- one time (with voting power)
Annual Fee Rs. 1000/- Yearly

3. General Member Rs. 500/- one time (no voting power)
Annual Fee Rs. 1000/- Yearly

4. VLC/SHG Member Rs. 100/- one time (no voting power)
Annual Fee Rs. 50/- Yearly

Share of Annual Fee to be maintained for Administrative Expenditures:

50% National Committee Account

50% State Committee Account to be distributed from the of Head Office after receipt of the fee from the members. It may Change or modified from time to time.

NO CASH PAYMENT from anyone to anyone. Pay only by demand draft or pay order.

Without life membership payment, nobody/no representative can submit any project through CCBOS neither they will get any expenses from CCBOS India. One must be a member to avail the facilities of the organization and response from the Organization. The Organization is strictly maintaining this rule for all. State, District, Block and Village level committee will maintain their administrative expenses from their own donation and subscription except in certain cases like NE Region, Sikkim etc. where the interior places are there and required much development may collect extra donation from the rich member NGOs. They will be engaged in different types of activities and have to play important role for developing the country India. No member can break or disobey the prevailing rules of the Organization and if so happen then disciplinary action will be taken against the member and may be terminated from the Organization