Guidelines governing enrollment of CCBOS under the Beneficiary Category of Member of CCBO

• Only those CCBOS promoted by supported by linked with CCBOS who are members of CCBO and entitled to become Members of CCBO.

• Those CCBOS who are not linked with any member-CCBO of CCBO can also be enrolled as Members of CCBOS after verifying their credentials and their commitment to the cause of CCBO after consulting the District Chapter Presidents.

o Every CCBO becoming a member of CCBO is admitted as a member on behalf of the CCBO as a whole and has to pay fees with respect to the group as a whole. This prescribed fee should alone be collected from the leader of the CCBO or the convener of the CCBO as the case may be. There is no question of collecting fee from every member of the CCBO and this point should be clearly understood by the State/District Chapters and the member CCBOS of CCBO. There should be no communication gap on this score. Further the prescribed for is for the CCBOS as a whole and this has nothing to do with the number of members of the CCBO.

• The Annual Membership fee for CCBOS will be Rs. 100/ and an one time Entrance Fee will be Rs. 50/-

• The Entrance and Membership fee collected from CCBOS should be directly sent to CCBO, New Delhi by Demand Draft and the apportionment of the same will be done by Head Office as per the decision of CCBOS.

• All application for Membership by CCBOS should be endorsed by the member-CCBO concerned and the prescribed amount should be sent to the National Secretariat through the State Chapters. In the case of CCBOS not linked with any CCBOS their membership should be decided by the State Chapter on their own merits in consultation with the concerned District Presidents and their membership fee should also be sent to the National Secretariat by the State Chapters.